Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Looking far back, but not too far

A handy consequence of posting so infrequently: the first thing you see is an old post that is of the right vintage to uncork and taste.

Interesting to look at the last paragraph of my last post before the update. Now, Silly Hillary, who clearly along with many other people does not read this blog, decided to hold out to a bitter end before quitting the race. Despite that, Obama is in the lead according to every poll that I've seen. My argument slain? Hardly.

Mainly, Obama has been chasing hard after blue collar centrist votes with several policy shifts to the middle (I generally don't penalize folk for moving to the centre, hense I'll leave flip flop in the dictionary) and a lot of face time in some rather red states (July 4 in Montana?). This is of course, entirely logical and expectable, and my previous observation was hardly a eureka discovery -- but, it's nice to confirm that I'm at least starting from a sane point of view.

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