Sunday, April 20, 2008

Into the wild: a preamble to some grand thoughts, I'm sure

Watched Into the Wild this weekend.

First off, what an incredible story ... the fact that it was based on a real-life story showed in the shining development of the main character and the salient notations of the sister. Life is strange and wonderful.

I was deeply affected by and related strongly to this movie. A week ago I sat perched atop a cliff overlooking the Jasper-area valley and felt, I believe, the same thrill as Chris would have: an unsullied sense of personal achievement, which also serves to make the view rewarding and satisfying you couldn't find without the work of climbing.

Yet, sitting there, I found myself in the exact same paradox as Chris found himself prior to his death (no, I was not contemplating jumping ... would have done the trick from that height, though): seeing this gorgeous view and indulging the feeling it induced, but wanting so much to share what I could see. I took a picture at that moment, and some have told me that the view looks amazing. Yet, I know that there's little sensation behind that mention.

Yet, I have climbed mountains with people before and found myself feeling isolated from their perspective: I think it is truly an individual experience, standing on top of a mountain. So, why the yearning?

I can fully picture sitting atop a peak with a best friend or significant other, but imagine that, at the moment, one dynamic would take precedence: the relationship between me and the other person, or relation between me and the environment. Which would take you? Truly telling of person.

Expect thoughts on the answer soon.

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